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Taye Percussion

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Taye Stainless Steel Timbales

Want to add some spice and flavor to your set up? Try adding our Stainless Steel Timbales. Offered in a variety of sizes, our timbales expand the definition of that trademark timbale sound. Because of their wide tuning range, tune them up for some aggressive bite, or tune them low for some fullness and body.

Sizes offered: 14x6.5. 13x5, 12x4, 10x3.5

They come equipped with SuspensionRings, our innovative UB105 PocketHinge Bracket, and our TC91 tom clamp for ease of mounting anywhere around your kit.

Taye Wood Timbales

Looking to add something unique to your current set up? Consider our Wood Timbales! Imagine that classic timbale sound, but replace that bright timbre, with the warmth that wood can only bring.

Features: Select Premium All-Poplar Shells - EFS Shell Technology designed to produce a powerful classic sound - Shells are 8ply ,7mm  - Patented Universal Tom Bracket: UB105 PocketHinge Bracket - SuspensionRings - TC91/92 tom clamp

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Up Taye drums sets Taye percussion Taye hardware Taye snares Taye pedals



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Charles Streeter touring with Jennifer Lopez
Playing the all new Taye ParaSonic line which utilizes two of the most utilized woods for manufacturing high-end drums: Maple and Birch. We use the natural sonic characteristics of each wood to optimize the shells and their purpose within the set, providing superior tone and projection for todays most demanding applications.

Tom van den Heuvel - Independent - Susan Albers

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